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The Road to Enlightenment

The Virginia Homeless website provides the online presence for the initiatives and projects of Shawmut Education in the Virginia area. The initial attempt in 2004 was focused on Richmond, however success was difficult to achieve and the effort expanded statewide.

It was not until 2007 that we started to accumulate considerable local community support for our OSCAP program, Mixed Use Project and use of cutting edge technology.

The year 2008 represents an opportunity to gather additional local community support while developing a mutually shared vision. No matter if its simply learning how to use a mouse or the intracacy of In Design we will be there to work with the local community on computer literacy.

So What is This About?

The Virginia Homeless component of Shawmut Education provides an array of technology services in the Virginia area. Please contact David Pearson with questions you have regarding this website or obtaining service in the Virginia area.

While CMS and the development of websites that compliment the business mission of an organization are a major part of the technology solutions that we provide, we also have expertise in other areas. If you or your organization are interested in DITA or structured writing, please consider giving us a call. We also have considerable expertise in the development of online tutorials and working with those interested in Learning Management Systems (LMS).


If you are interested in participating in our work in the Virginia community please contact David Pearson or feel free to complete our OVF online volunteeer form. If you are in need of help because you are homeless or trying to help someone who is please make use of our provider directory.


We see a huge benefit in your participation because you are an integral part of what makes community. It is very important to have the inclusion of a diverse pool of individuals and organizations in order to provide the best capacity building Solution. This is sorely needed, so we look forward to working collaboratively in building community with you. We need you to make that happen!.


The only requirement for playing a part in this effort is trueness of heart. If you are anxious to help your fellow man please join us.

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